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Jáky Könyvtár

Katalógusunk online böngészhető.

Rendkívüli álláshirdetés

Cégünk 25 év alatti munkavállalót keres.
Munkakör: Üzletkötés, vállalkozások- és magán személyek személyes és telefonos megkeresése ajánlatokkal.
Feltétel: Intelligens, jó beszédkészségű, pozitív hozzáállású, kreatív, üzletkötő alkat.
A munkavégzés helye: Székesfehérvár és környéke (Fejér megye)
Bruttó bér: max. 300 000 Ft
Ezen felüli plusz pénzkeresésre is van lehetőség.

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JÁKY STUDENT from 1997 to 2001


- Tamás! Who or what motivated you the most during the Jáky years?


- As far as I remember I had five main principles to achieve my goals. Having a good plan for the future, some self confidence with a good balance between study, sport, rest and fun. I also needed to be open minded and finally the support of my family and people around me. I still live my life along the same values!


-Where did you study after Jáky and what is your qualification?

- I received my master’s degree in civil engineering in 2006 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I chose structural engineering for primary major and bridges for secondary.


- How did you get abroad?


- I’ve always wanted to work abroad, visit new countries and earn a decent salary. At the age of 16 I had a great opportunity to spend the summer in Canada. That was the first time I started thinking about leaving the country. During the final years at the university I was working for an English company, but they were not keen on supporting my ambition. After I’d finished my studies I decided to change and I started to work in a different company’s office in Budapest. By May 2007 I had found myself in their main office in London


- Where are you now and what are the most interesting projects you have worked on since 2007?


- I’ve been living in Brisbane on the Eastern Coast of Australia with my wife for almost two years. So far I’ve worked on major infrastructure projects on three continents. In the last couple of years I have worked on the upgrade of London Underground’s Victoria Station and the city’s new 100km long rail and metro line called Crossrail. I have also been involved in Singapore’s new metro lines called Downtown Line 1 and 3.

Currently I am working as a tunnel design engineer on my longest and the most complex project on Brisbane’s Airport Link. The 6km long twin 2 lane tunnels will establish fast connection between the airport and the city’s central business district.

The major challenge is the safe excavation of the large diameter, typically 15-18m wide, tunnels in low strength rock through various geological formations. Another major issue is to build these tunnels and the connecting structures underneath a developed urban environment avoiding severe damage of existing buildings and infrastructure as well as minimize disturbance of life on the surface. The last requirement is the most important for the local community as the construction time of the project is more than 4 years. These challenges make my everyday work interesting.


- What is your opinion about the necessity of language learning and computer skills?


- Without bringing up clichés or sound like a boring adult I think both of them are equally important. You will find advanced computer programs in every phase of a project such as preparation, design and construction. During preliminary calculations, geotechnical and hydrogeological modeling, structural analysis, visual demonstration, preparation of detailed drawings, collecting and handling monitoring data, time and resource management programs are playing major role. In the future the progress will not stop and I think we will find the same tendency in many different parts of our lives.

- Using a foreign language opens the country where it is being used. With English not only the Hungarian jobs, entertainment, relationships, but English, American, Canadian or Australian life with all their components will be available. If you want to live outside Hungary you will need sound knowledge of the country’s language on an intermediate level including profession related terminology. Language education in Hungary emphasizes the understanding and correct application of grammar rules. Practice can be gained simply and easily via internet, TV channels or through foreign relations.


-What is your advice for us, present Jáky students?


- You have to figure out what do you want to do in your life and then prepare short term and long term plans for the future. Commit everything in your power to achieve your goals. After the hard work you can enjoy the well deserved fun. As the Australians say: Work hard, live hard!


- Thank you for the interview.


The interview was made by Ércz Gábor and Reichardt Ronald, students from class 12.B, in March 2010.

Teacher consultant: Geleszné Földváry Viktória


The proposed 3D alignment of Victoria Station (

Displacements around the structure

3D model for shotcrete tunnel linings

Numerical model for tunnel support calculation in weathered rock

Axial forces in tunnel lining and rockbolts

Displacement of rock mass around tunnel excavation

Tunnel boring machine (diameter: ~12.5m) (

Front view of the tunnel boring machine (

Excavation of split tunnel face (

Tunnel excavation in rock (

Finished temporary lining (


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